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Sue Ryder Ireland - Rebrand. Interview with CEO Gavin Reid on why the change.

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Sue Ryder Foundation is now Sue Ryder Ireland with a full rebrand and new website. A new name and a new logo, but the same mission and vision brought to Ireland by Lady Sue Ryder. We caught up with the CEO of Sue Ryder Ireland, Gavin Reid, to ask him about their recent rebrand and what it means to the charity across Ireland. Here’s what he had to say.

Sue Ryder Ireland rebrand. Logo is a modern tree in dark blue and ligher blue.  Brand name text Sue Ryder is half way down tree on left side. Bottom is text tag line Empowering Seniors, Enriching Communities'.
Sue Ryder Ireland Rebrand New offical logo and tag line

Why have we changed our name and logo?

Today, we take immense pride in the fact that Sue Ryder Ireland is able to provide secure, comfortable homes to over 300 residents across six different locations. This includes a total of 284 individual homes, a mixture of apartments and bungalows each designed with the utmost consideration for the needs and comfort of our residents. Alongside this we have 26 retail stores across Ireland, manned by not only our colleagues but over 200 volunteers who graciously donate their time and effort.

With this in mind, we felt the Sue Ryder Foundation wasn't reflective of the vast array of work our charity provides and our logo wasn't in line with industry standards and wasn't relfective of the mission and vision we believe in, some of which are life, wisdom, strength, protection and abundance.

Our new brand fully reflects this and what our charity encompasses and we believe it will resonate with those who so kindly donate to our stores and the families who use our residential schemes across Ireland.

What drove this change?

To help raise the awareness of Sue Ryder across Ireland, but also to be reflective of the support provided by the charity and the positivity and happiness that the right facilities married with great care can bring to families dealing with even the most difficult family scenarios.

Sue Ryder Ireland has a new logo and name, anything else?

A core element of the rebrand was the emergence of our tagline, ‘Empowering Seniors, Enriching Communities', to be reflective of the scope of services that our charity offers across Ireland.

What does the new brand logo reflect

Sue Ryder Foundation is now rebranded Sue Ryder Ireland.  Old brand of rosemerry twig and new brand modern tree in dark and light blue.  Text Sue Ryder Ireland on right side of tree in dark and light blue
Sue Ryder Foundation old logo - Sue Ryder Ireland New Logo

The logo reflects the evolution of our brand. We have, taken the current Sue Ryder logo as inspiration for our new logo concept.

Expanding the blue colour palette to include multiple shades and used a similar but more modern font.

It keeps the Sue Ryder brand recognisable but really elevates it.

The use of the tree is a universally recognizable symbol which represents many things, some of which are life, wisdom, strength, protection, and abundance. We want the tree to symbolise the growth and establishment of the charity and the roots it has in Ireland. The leaves represent all the families and people who support and utilise Sue Ryder across Ireland. Our designers Little Lambe Consultancy put a lot of work into iterating and getting feedback to get to the end product, so it reflects a unified effort. As such, it's not a complete overhaul, we've kept elements such as colour consistent which aligns to the story.

We also decided to develop a new, modern website which showcases the work that Sue Ryder Ireland does and the locations of our services across Ireland. The new site has a lot more functionality and users can find information on our six residential communities around Ireland and application forms, all our 26 charity shops information, direct charity donation buttons including furniture donations. Volunteers can also find information and apply to volunteer at any of the Sue Ryder residential or charity shops. We worked with Luminosity Digital on the building the new site and we now have a site that really reflects are new brand and ethos.

Screean shot of Sue Ryder Ireland new website developed by Luminosity Digital Agency Ireland
Sue Ryder Ireland new website

We will have new in store branding including POS, window designs and instore leaflets along with new branded vans for large donation collections. Our email addresses have also changed.

We're really proud of the end product and we're looking forward to using this identity as the centrepiece of our growth plans. This is very much a 'soft launch' because we have more planned going into 2024, so keep an eye out as our brand story unfolds.

What does this mean for Sue Ryder clients and residents?

Nothing is changing from an existing service and retail facilities that Sue Ryder offers, its simply a brand update and unveiling of our new logo. You can expect 'business as usual' with the highest standards we set ourselves with some modernised and fresh branding on our vehicle delivery van, in our retail stores and across our residential facilities over the next 12-24 months. Our email addresses and website have changed to reflect our new name but this doesn't affect our clients, it simply will make the process easier to complete tasks online.

Our mission and vision also remain the same, to create a safe, secure, and independent environment where seniors can thrive and live their lives to the fullest.

What's next for Sue Ryder Ireland?

Our strategic plans for 2024 are to continue creating a clear pathway for Sue Ryder Ireland to continue operational success across all our residences and to focus on increasing partnerships with large corporates across Ireland to raise our awareness.

We will continue to deliver the best in care to our residences along with a focus on our digital transformation to streamline all of our processes across retail and residential. It is a very exciting time for Sue Ryder Ireland and we look forward to elevating our brand.

Finally, we are celebrating our centenary anniversary in 2024 which we will be sharing more on over the coming months.

Sue Ryder Ireland Team

If you are interested in applying to one of Sue Ryder residential communities you can find all the information and application forms on our Residents page.

If you are interested in partnering with us or volunteering with Sue Ryder please simply click the highlighted links or you can contact us here contact us.

Empowering Seniors , Enriching Communities


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