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Gavin Reid, CEO

Gavin Reid, CEO Sue Ryder Ireland

Gavin Reid our Chief Executive Officer, joined the Sue Ryder Ireland in 2015. Gavin has brought his vast wealth of experience and heart to his role. His more than 20 years in the private sector enabled him to nurture valuable skills in building strategic supply chains in demanding markets and guiding teams to exceed expectations. 

His expertise spans from Stakeholder Management to Strategic Planning and Financial Oversight. Assuming the role of CEO in 2017, Gavin has catalysed impactful transformations across the foundation. He has enhanced our governance, fostered a nurturing environment for our staff, and refined internal procedures. Within the complex terrain of the not-for-profit sector, Gavin's leadership has been invaluable.

His broad experience and strategic acumen are crucial in propelling our dedication to serving Ireland's elderly population.  Delivering reforms in governance, employee and volunteer management, internal procedures, and strategic development his efforts have further solidified Sue Ryder Ireland's reputation as a trusted support system to the elderly in Ireland.  His consistent efforts continue to enhance our growth as a supportive, compassionate, and nurturing community for those in our care.

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