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Sue Ryder Ireland Kilminchy is located in one of the popular neighbourhood of Portlaoise




Kilminchy is a well established development by the Sue Ryder Ireland. Located on the eastern outskirts of Portlaoise we have 70 units of accommodation, one and two bedroomed apartments in three stories consisting of five pods with beautiful surrounding gardens. Each resident has their own private apartment with bathroom and a kitchen/livingroom.

As in all our residential communities, we provide a range of amenities and supports tailored to enhance their overall well-being. From cosy living spaces to inviting communal areas, well-maintained gardens, and other practical conveniences, our aim is to create an environment that promotes independence, dignity, and a true sense of home.

There is also multiple activities and attractions for our Kilmimchy residents including facilitating twice weekly Bridge, monthly ICA meeting along with great local attractions including, the Rock of Dunamase and great shopping, restaurants and pubs.

A full lunch is served each day in the dining room to ensure a balanced diet for those to wish to avail of a meal or they their own full kitchen to cook for themselves. Our laundry service ensures that their washing needs are taken care of, a cleaning service helps maintain a tidy and comfortable living environment, and regular maintenance is carried out to address any issues promptly.
All of this helps ensure that our residents can focus on enjoying their independent living experience without the worry of day-to-day tasks.

Why Sue Ryder Kilminchy? We enable our residents to live independently without the burden, worry or responsibility of maintaining a house. It allows for the company and companionship of neighbours who share similar interests. This accommodation offers support to those who need it, while respecting privacy and independence in a safe and secure environment.

The facility was designed to ensure it would be a very special place for those who come to live with us, ensuring that it become a comfy, secure home with a thriving community, not just a place to live.

If you are interested in visiting and touring our Kilminchy residential community, please contact us through the Contact Us page or feel free to call.

If would wish to apply to Sue Ryder Kilminchy , for yourself or a relative, please download the below Application form and email it back to use at the email address listed below and the manager will be touch.

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Meet the Manager

Eimear Treacy

Manager at Sue Ryder Ireland

Eimear Treacy


Thomas Byrne

"I was living in a flat in the centre of the town and one night, a stone was thrown through the window by vandals. After that incident I could not sleep and I got to the stage where I felt I could not stay in the flat any longer. I am now a resident of Kilminchy and I certainly feel very secure and am able to relax at night. I love the apartment, all my neighbours call to see me and I know that I can call on someone day or night if needed. It was the best decision I ever made to move to Kilminchy."

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Kilminchy Village, Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland

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