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Sue Ryder Ireland: Charity Shops

Crescent Mall, Henrietta Street, Wexford, Co. Wexford. Y35 EK60

Sue Ryder Charity Shop Wexford town. Come discover hidden treasures, support both the circular and local economy and chose sustainable shopping. Amazing find that are #newtoyou.

Wexford is a town in southeast Ireland at the mouth of the river Slaney, known for its mediaeval lanes and it in on one such narrow street Henrietta street we can be found, specialising in fashion and bric a brac.

While we at Sue Ryder Ireland acknowledge the appeal of fast fashion, we encourage you to opt for conscious shopping by choosing sustainability with us. Join us in promoting sustainability and community support while discovering unique items to treasure.

Sue Ryder - where sustainable shopping and supporting our elderly community come together in harmony.

Items we Sell and accept Donations of:

New to You - Fashion Rediscovered ✅ Clothing

✅ Footwear

✅ Occasionwear such as Dresses and Suits ✅ Bags and Accessories

✅ Jewelry

✅ Valuables

Preloved - Looking for a new home  ✅ Small Furniture pieces

✅ Home wares ✅ Soft furnishings

✅ China

✅ Kitchenware

✅ Ornaments

✅ Artwork: Painting | Pictures | Posters

Oldies but Goodies - Treasures to be found ✅ Musical instruments

✅ Vinyl

✅ Books

✅ Bric a Brac

✅ Cd's

✅ DVD's

✅ Plus much more!

Items you won't find in our shops and can not accept donations off, due to health and safety reasons:

❌ Electrical items,

Soiled or Broken goods


Duvets or pillows

Crescent Mall, Henrietta Street, Wexford, Co. Wexford. Y35 EK60

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