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Sue Ryder Ireland: Charity Shops

36 Saint Mary Street, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, X35 YP78, Ireland

Sue Ryder charity shop 36 Saint Mary Street, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, X35 YP78. Come find hidden gems for sustainable shoppers. Drop in today and browse, each purchase signifies a minor yet substantial stride towards diminishing fashion waste and championing a circular economy.

We acknowledge the attractiveness of fast fashion, yet we encourage you to stop, think and engage in conscious shopping with us in Dungarvan Sue Ryder charity shop.

Dungarvan is a coastal town and harbour in county Waterford and home to one of Irelands famous greenways. A thriving town with many retail options our shop set out over two floors offers fashion on the ground floor and lower floor dedicated to furniture and Bric a Brac, the lower floor may be accessed via the car park ideal to collect your new to you piece of furniture.

Items we Sell and accept Donations of:

New to You - Fashion Rediscovered ✅ Clothing

✅ Footwear

✅ Occasionwear such as Dresses and Suits ✅ Bags and Accessories

✅ Jewelry

✅ Valuables

Preloved - Looking for a new home  ✅ Small Furniture pieces ✅ Large Furniture

✅ Home wares ✅ Soft furnishings

✅ China

✅ Kitchenware

✅ Ornaments

✅ Artwork: Painting | Pictures | Posters

Oldies but Goodies - Treasures to be found ✅ Musical instruments

✅ Vinyl

✅ Books

✅ Bric a Brac

✅ Cd's

✅ DVD's

✅ Plus much more!

Items you won't find in our shops and can not accept donations off, due to health and safety reasons:

❌ Electrical items,

Soiled or Broken goods


Duvets or pillows

36 Saint Mary Street, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, X35 YP78, Ireland

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