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Seamus Mc Wey Company Secretary

Seamus Mc Wey
Company Secretary

Seamus Mc Wey, serving as Company Secretary and a respected member of the Sue Ryder Foundation's Board.  He blends a rich tapestry of educational leadership with a heart for community involvement. Originally from Ballyroan, County Laois, he has an educational background in science from Carlow RTC, later enhancing his expertise with a Higher Diploma in Education from University College Galway.

Throughout his career, Seamus has been a cornerstone in education, notably at St. Marys CBS Portlaoise, and as a guidance counsellor following his studies at the University of Limerick. His approachable and insightful nature continues to shine in his semi-retired role, where he still actively contributes to the education sector.

Seamus's bond with his hometown Ballyroan is more than just a fond memory; it's a lived experience. He's been a key figure in the growth of Ballyroan’s Sue Ryder House, a testament to his commitment to nurturing his community. This blend of professional prowess and genuine local engagement makes Seamus a relatable and effective member of the Sue Ryder Foundation Board, guiding the organisation with both wisdom and a deep understanding of community needs.

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